Jan. 9th, 2017


Jan. 9th, 2017 09:49 am
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☆ Received my Chocolate Box assignment. Excellent. It's someone I was thinking about treating anyway, so that's convenient. It's not a pairing that I can write effortlessly, though, so it'll be challenging - but like, in a fun way. I'm looking forward to canon review aaaand possibly research, depending on how I go about this. Hopefully whoever was assigned to me will have a good time too. There is a spreadsheet specifically for the Yuri on Ice requests, so I might use that to get some ideas for treating. With my other fandoms, well, they mostly have only a few requests, so it shouldn't be hard to sift through those.

☆ Silent Night exchange went through without any final pinch hits. There was one minor issue, but we fixed it. What a relief! And now... treats, until the 15th. Let's see if I can get one or two done - especially for aRTD. For a SSSS + aRTD exchange, it doesn't have much aRTD, but considering it's the smaller fandom of the two, that's to be expected. My experience helping with this one does solidify that I don't think I'd ever want to run an exchange, though. I much prefer being in the backup position. A "consulting moderator", if you will. ;p

☆ Speaking of Stand Still Stay Silent - yikes, chapter break is upon us, and wow, what a cliffhanger. I'm rather surprised at the turn the comic has taken; I figured something like this was possibly in the cards, but not necessarily something that would happen at this point. (Later, maybe, but not now.) I have no idea where, precisely, it's going to go, but I'm interested in the ride. Luckily for us, the chapter break will only be about a week. ...I kind of have a vague desire to write some horror-genre/darkfic stuff dealing with the current situation, but considering I don't have any concrete ideas, and I generally suck at horror even though I love it, well... maybe not.

☆ I spent a ridiculous amount of time playing Pokemon Sun last night, aaaand now my neck hurts and my hands hurt and my back hurts and oh dear god, now I remember why I don't play video games much any more. My posture sucks and the way I sit when I'm using the 3DS is even worse and it's also not kind to my RSI issues aaaand I have only myself to blame. BUT at least I've finally made it off tutorial island. Me 'n my Dartrix are ready to take on anything, yeaaaah! I can hardly wait to evolve this sucker into Decidueye. THEY'RE SO COOL. I remember that some people thought it looked kind of weird when the design was first revealed, but... it's a giant grassy Robin Hood-ish ghost-owl. I'm so in love. ...But I'm going to limit myself to only one hour of play from now on, max, because ow.

☆ Since exchanges are upon us, I should probably slap down some due dates.
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