Jan. 3rd, 2017

yuuago: (A Redtail's Dream - ?!)
☆ Hello to everyone from the friending meme! I'm looking forward to having you on my flist. (And for those who didn't know about it, [personal profile] st_aurafinais hosting it over here, go take a look.)

☆ Brrr, it's cold out. Again. I see I have reached the point in winter where it's like, "Yeah, it's -24C out, but I do not care". Dressing properly takes too much effort, so I guess I don't get to complain. But I must say, playing PokeGo sure is... hard... when it's like this. Even with touchscreen gloves. Arrrgh, I wish summer could come a little faster. x_x Though not too fast, of course.

☆ Man, I can hardly wait for Chocolate Box Exchange. I keep fiddling with my signup, wondering if I should add more offers/requests. There are just so many things I like! Hopefully I'll end up writing as much this year as the last - it was a lot of fun last time. And needless to say, I'm going to be watching the YOI requests like a hawk. (And the SSSS & aRTD, of course!) Might even start writing early, since there are some requests that look great. *If this is the first you're hearing of it, Chocolate Box is a low-minimum fic & art exchange. Details are over at [community profile] chocolateboxcomm or at the Ao3 collection, tagset is here, aaand signup form is here.

☆ Speaking of exchanges... I finished both of my assignment for Silent Night Exchange. What a relief. They ain't perfect, but they pass the bus test, so I can stop worrying about it. Feels so good! ...Now, hopefully everyone else will get theirs in on time, so Lorien and I won't have to worry about sending out pinch hits. (There will probably be something, though.)

☆ Random delight of the day: Discovering that, actually, there ARE in fact some Christmas cookies left! It's just that you forgot that they were there, because you put the tin out on the porch since there wasn't any room in the freezer. Score!
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