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Mar. 26th, 2017 08:45 pm
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I've hardly been able to write anything but poetry for weeks now. Upside: I've been writing something, and hey, might as well work with that medium a little, why not. And in that format, it's easier to pull out something for canons that, for various reasons, I have difficulty writing prose fic for. Lookin' at you, Small Trolls and Year in Hereafter. Hmph.

I've been trying to put some things together for those two comics due to exchanges - some things related to Ao3 exchanges are easier when the fandoms have an actual category on the site. There's this annoying situation where, if the fandom doesn't have any work for it yet, then if you're posting to an exchange collection, the fandom won't be appear in the collection's fandoms list until someone on Ao3 creates a category for it. And then YiH and SmT have the issue that they both have a character with the same first and last name, and in situations like that, exchange posting is easier when they're already disambiguated behind the scenes, because then the names can appear properly in the drop-down. ...So. Yes. Poetry it is, then. For now.

Today was nice. So mild! +1C! I'm not looking forward to how muddy everything is going to be tomorrow, but it was great to go outside, with only my autumn coat, and without a hat or scarf or gloves. Oh man. Felt so good. I can hardly wait until I can stop carting all of this winter gear around for "just in case" situations - even now, you never know when it'll snow.

There have been assessments of my region's status with regard to what kind of shape we'll be in for the upcoming forest fire season*. The amount of snow we got this winter was 53 percent of the average. Hello, global warming, not-so-nice to see you. Anyway, that part is mildly worrying. But, you know, there's the part about how the Beast burnt up a whole load of the forest last year, so between that and the controlled burning that happened this winter, we're probably going to be okay.

...I know it isn't even April yet, but I wish we could skip straight to June, please. May is going to be a very hard month for all of us here.

Anyway, my mate Gray linked me to a compilation of 40 minutes of Mongolian folk metal by 2 different bands, and it's pretty groovy. Check it out. (Well, technically it's 3 bands, but Ego Fall only has one song in this playlist.) I think I like the songs by Tengger Cavalry the best, especially "Horsemen" in particular. Definitely going to have to look up more of their stuff later.

Oh, another neat thing: sparklingdali posted a rec list of Czech and Slovak movies set during the Protectorate, which is of course relevant to my interests (even if it's such a depressing subject) and oh mannn, I want to watch all of these. Going to have to hunt them down. Our tastes do align in a lot of ways, so I expect I'll like most of them (or, well, be stirred by them, at least. Considering the topic and all. Not exactly happy film-watching, here). …a pátý jezdec je Strach/And the Fifth Horseman is Fear has been on my to-watch for ages, but most of these other ones, I haven't heard of them. Per the recommendation, I'll probably watch the new, recent, non-Czech Anthropoid before tackling Atentát, the old Czech interpretation of that operation. Other than that, no idea which one I'll watch first.

I've heard some very good things about Czechoslovak cinema, though not a lot of specific things, so viewing the older films will probably be very interesting... Unfortunately, at this point, the only Czechoslovak film I've seen was Kladivo na čarodějnice/Witchhammer, which I had a lot of mixed feelings about. I think I would have appreciated it more if I'd looked up the background beforehand, because while I did understand that the witch trial setting was an allegory for/response to communism, I didn't realize that the film was made only a couple of years after the Prague Spring, and that this was one of the specific things it was responding to. No surprise, then, that the film was banned in Czechoslovakia almost immediately after it was released.

While I'm on the subject, if there are any Central/Eastern European films that you guys like, I'd love to hear about them. Any country/time period/genre, it's all good. I need more CE/EE stuff on my to-watch list in general.

...Anyway. Ugh, I've got a long week ahead of me. Will I go to sleep at a reasonable time? Who knows!
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I recently discovered that my local library has a handful of Norwegian films, so I decided to go through them as a half-assed way of working on audio comprehension. (And was once again reminded that my audio understanding is terrible. This is what happens when you rarely study/primarily study in text, alas.) ...Anyway, from a strictly-film standpoint, I enjoyed most of them, which is always good. Details -

Flukt (English title: Escape) Kidnapping and subsequent escape during the years of the black plague, whoo! This one isn't the deepest film out there, but I did enjoy it; I've been wanting to watch it ever since the trailer first came out, and I wasn't disappointed. Nice visuals, a setting that I'm always up for, and - the best part - this is a good one to watch if you enjoy female villains. Ingrid Bolsø Berdal was great as Dagmar (the mastermind behind the roving band of bad guys); she was a pleasure to watch. In general, the female characters in this film had some pretty interesting relationships (in particular the situation between Dagmar and Frigg, and how it leads to the situation between Frigg and Signe). So, if you're into stories that are mainly about women, this might be one to look at.

Kongen av Bastøy (English title: King of Devil's Island) Period dramatic film about an uprising at a prison institution for boys; inspired by actual events*. I liked this one; the early 20th century setting interested me. And there were some recurring motifs that I really liked - the way they create a story/narrative for themselves, the bit with the whale, and so on. And of course the developing relations between Erling and Olav were great. And the bit where the navy is called in was very well-done, visually - I loved it, the way they're planning to escape on that tiny boat but THEN.... OH and also everything with the sea ice - okay, if I continue, I'll gush too much, there were too many moments that I liked. One thing I will mention; this is not a movie to watch if you want to end it in a good mood. It's a deeply unhappy film. Very good, but depressing. (As an aside, the English title rather bugs me. Why not a direct translation? Is it because it's assumed that English-speaking audiences wouldn't know how to pronounce "Bastøy"? Who knows.)

Bølgen (English title: The Wave) It is anticipated that one day the side of a mountain will collapse into the fjord below, causing an enormous wave that will overwhelm the village in on the fjord - but nobody knows when. One day, it happens, and the geologist who came closest to predicting the collapse is caught up in the middle of it. If you like disaster films, watch this one. If you're "eh" about disaster films, but love beautiful landscapes, then definitely watch this one - because of course, Norway's jaw-droppingly gorgeous mountains are the adversary here, and in the end this means that they get almost as much screentime as the protagonist. And finally, if you like imperfect but loving families, watch this one. (To my surprise, I didn't find this film too distressing, though there were certain moments - that line of cars up the mountain, not even moving but at a standstill because of the traffic jam... it reminded me too much of our own evacuation, brrrr.) While we're on the subject, this film is based on actual stuff - other rockslides in the past, as well as one that will happen some time in the future, in the Geiranger area, where this film is actually set.

And one finally, one anti-rec for Reprise. It's about two young novelists trying to make their mark in the writing world. This one was a disappointment, because it has been recommended to me on more than one occasion, so I expected to enjoy it, but I ended up hating it. I've sat through some films I've felt lukewarm about in the name of half-assed studying, but this is one of the few films that I haven't been able to sit through, period. It's possible that I just wasn't in the mood to watch this kind of movie, but regardless, I just gave up on it. I found both protagonists completely obnoxious, and just kind of annoying to watch - I ended up not caring about the story nor the characters; they reminded me of every blowhard novelist wannabe guy I've ever met. To make matters worse, I had difficulty telling them apart - and admittedly I do have difficulty with that, but it isn't a problem I had with the other films in this list, and it probably just boils down to - I disliked both of them so much that I couldn't be bothered to differentiate them. The point I gave up at was when one of them was going on about how he would have to dump his girlfriend, even though he likes her, because ~true artists~ don't have girlfriends. I'm pretty sure he's meant to look like an ass, but that doesn't mean I feel like watching it. ...And also this film didn't even have any of the other things that would cause me to sit through a film I dislike (IE very unconventional format, great cinematography, interesting effects, etc). So, yeah, if your tastes are like mine, don't bother with this one.
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Ugh. Camp NaNo starts at the end of next week, and I am SO out of the habit of writing every day. This is going to be interesting. And by interesting I mean mildly failtastic. But oh well.

An attempt will be made, I guess.

I've been feeling kind of moody and asocial lately. Don't really feel like talking to anybody. So many backdated posts, ugh. (It's actually really tempting to backdate this one too, but I'll refrain.)

Small Trolls update tomorrow... <3 It's nice to have something to look forward to on Fridays.

Thinking about going downtown rea-a-lly early on Saturday, picking up some breakfast at Subway, and then heading to the library. No particular reason. Just might be nice. I guess it depends on the weather. And whether I can get up at a suitable time.

The busy season is going to start soon at work, which means I'm going to be even crankier than usual. Oh, joy. I wonder how long it will last this year... there were some incidents at site earlier in the month that caused interruptions, so I have no idea what's going on.

This entry is all over the place, isn't it. And it's COLD in my bedroom, ugh... I should make tea, that helps everything.


Mar. 22nd, 2017 08:29 pm
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☆ It snowed today, which just proves (again) that while it might technically be spring, it isn't really spring, not here. And it won't be until mid-April or so.

☆ Still thinking about signing up for [community profile] nightonficmountain. Am I in the mood to commit myself to an exchange? Who knows. (I suspect that if I do sign up, I'll end up as an initial pinch hit. Which is fine. But, eh.)

☆ Hey aRTD folks: over on tumblr, I'm giving away a hannunvaakuna necklace like the one Hannu wears in the comic (details here). Message me there if you want to be added to the draw list. Or message me on DW. Or whichever. As long as I have a way to contact you, it's fine.

☆ I have done nothing this evening. NOTHING. I feel like a useless lump.

☆ I've been listening to an audiobook version of Louise Penny's The Cruelest Month. At first I was having trouble getting into it, because the reader's voice is very soothing and makes me kind of dozy... but I like it so far. It reminds me that I really should read more of the Inspector Armand Gamache novels - I like them a lot. But I have one problem with listening to this one at work, and it's that there are so many food descriptions, and they make me so hungry! Every single scene at Olivier's bistro, pfff... the sandwiches sound like they'd be so delicious. ;;; Also, there is something about Three Pines that reminds me of Wolfville - I guess it has a similar atmosphere, except that Three Pines is of course very French - aaand naturally it makes me miss Wolfville terribly.
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AKA vague list of stuff I want to work on some time in the next few months. (Yes, one of those days where I'm just kind of rolling around ideas, might as well jot them down....)

A Redtail's Dream:
-Joona/Anssi, stargazing. Started this during PBAM. Didn't finish it in time to post for the fest, but I do want to finish it. So.
-Jonna/Hannu & difficult relationships. I don't know why this isn't finished yet. The draft is done, it just needs an overhaul, argh....

-Netherlands/Norway - mountains & landscapes. Erotic geography references etc. And also breathplay, maybe, it depends on how this goes. This was also supposed to be for PBAM but obviously I didn't finish it....

-Sigrun & Mikkel gen. I have some vague ideas for slice-of-life set during an earlier chapter (after Sigrun's encounter with the Sjødraug). Might need to canon review.
-OCs. Salvage, trade routes, essential supplies, and who pays the bills. (AKA that thing that discusses how Riidá is basically a professional looter...)

-Leo/Guang Hong - Red String of Fate. I mostly have a series of weird dream-scenes for this, sigh. Going to have to figure out in more detail before I proceed.
-Phichit/Leo/Guang Hong - That ot3 thing I started a while back. It's almost done, but my attention wandered. Should finish it.

Small Trolls (shhhh)
-Jáhko & Veeti - Shenanigans. An earlier scenario in which Jáhko dragged Veeti into trouble... because judging by the way they're acting in the beginning of the comic, this certainly isn't the first time. Might have to shelve this idea for now, though; it might require more plot than I'm capable of right now.

Poetry fest stuff*:
-Multiple prompts in this one... I meant to get to it last week, but didn't. Everyone else's attention has wandered, but I don't caaare, I'll write some stuff anyway. When I have the energy for it. So there.
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I haven't done any tarot in a long, long while, so I figure, maybe it would be nice to start again.

I remember that I said this a while back, too, but... well. Let's try again. It's equinox (I completely forgot) so it seems as good a time as any.

The Self-Love Spread is one I've wanted to try for a while. I actually don't have much of a problem with liking myself; I like myself well enough. But it's a positive idea, and that's nice, and I typically use tarot as a way to think about stuff going on in my life, anyway. I usually don't do spreads - single card draws are what I prefer - and when I do read spreads, it's usually only three cards max. Usually I can't be bothered with anything more involved. But I have a little bit of time tonight.

I'm going to use my Rider-Waite deck. It sure isn't the prettiest deck I own, but... it's the one I'm most comfortable with. The simple/traditional designs make it seem rather utilitarian, and I like that.

Okay, let's go. I'm going to go with kind of quick, superficial readings of these, since I don't want to take a lot of time with it.

Tarot - continued )
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So, as a reward-to-myself for finishing all of my boring chores today, I decided to read Year in Hereafter, a Kalevala-inspired webcomic that has been vaguely on my radar for a while now. I'm not very good at getting around to reading things, even when I know that they're relevant to my interests.

The reason I finally caved with this one is that the artist is working on Small Trolls, a webcomic collaboration that they're doing with the author of Tistow (another webcomic that I haven't read yet). It's a... crossover + AU? of YiH and Tistow. Or something like that. Updates on Fridays. Anyway, Small Trolls is a fantasy comic that draws on Saami folklore, structured as short stories, so of course when I heard about it I just had to read it. There are only about 28 pages up at this time, but I adore it so far - especially Veeti in particular. What a darling, precious kiddo. He's completely stolen my heart. Hello there, new favourite character.

So, since I loved that one, I decided, OKAY, FINE, I'll read Year in Hereafter. Unfortunately, this comic is on hiatus until further notice, which I didn't know going in. Alas. (Well, seems like it's actually going to be about 5 months, but... you know. Until further notice.) But, there are 240 pages up already, which was enough for me to get a feel of the story. I'd heard it shares some similarities with Stand Still Stay Silent and A Redtail's Dream, but for me, it seems to be mostly that they share an aesthetic (and draw from the same Finnish folklore). The stories aren't similar at all in terms of plot/characters. (So, perhaps one could say, if you liked the visual atmosphere of SSSS/aRTD, but didn't like the stories, maybe give YiH a try....)

What's it about? A journey through three parallel worlds - our world, and Tuonela, and Kalevala - with the ultimate goal of saving Lapland by defeating Loviatar. Basically. Sounds pretty good to me! At this point, the journey is just starting - which is one of the reasons I'm so disappointed that it's on hiatus, because I want more. Siiiigh. Ah, well. I can wait. And at least I have the weekly Small Trolls updates to keep me occupied in the meantime.

Some miscellaneous thoughts: I'm completely in love with Sakari. I expected to like Veeti best, because I love the version of him in Small Trolls... and I do like YiH Veeti a lot, but he is a very different character than the one in SmT. Sakari, though... he's quite a ray of sunshine. And I have such a weakness for pretty guys with lo-o-ong blond hair. [/cough] Aside from that, the art is pretty, the magic and folklore references are neat, it makes me want to re-read the Kalevala for the Nth time, and oh noooo whyyy does it have to be on hiatus....

Unfortunately, I don't feel that I have enough of a grasp of the characters/story/worldbuilding to write fic for this comic. I mean, I could try; maybe I could manage pointless slice-of-life and/or shippy nonsense with Sakari and Jaako. But the result wouldn't be so great, probably. ...Seems kind of silly to say, considering I've already started writing some Small Trolls stuff. [/cough] Shhh, it's poetry, so it doesn't count.

Anyway - I can't in good conscience actually rec Year in Hereafter, since it's on hiatus. But it might be something to look at if you're bored on some weekend, and feel like reading a pretty webcomic inspired by Finnish folklore, and don't particularly mind that there are only 240 pages of it. I do suggest looking at Small Trolls if you can put up with something that only updates weekly, though.
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Eugh, today is... off to a mediocre start. Lovely.

Can I get a do-over?

...Okay. You know what. I figure, as long as I do the basic chores, I'll consider it a win. No need to actually, like. Do stuff today. Goddamn.

To-do list )
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You know, one of the shittiest things about depression is that it makes even things that I enjoy feel like a chore.

I wish I could get up the motivation to do something, anything, beyond sleeping and staring at the walls. I wish that engaging in my hobbies didn't feel like an obligation. I wish that I didn't have to force myself to do anything.

If I don't force myself to do things, then all I do is sleep. And that makes the depression worse. So I have to force myself to do something, anything. Every damn day.

To be clear, I'm not upset right now. Not upset per se. More like just pissed off that I have such fucking failtastic brain chemistry. I wish my own body weren't out to get me.

Fuck you, brain. You suck.


Mar. 16th, 2017 09:07 pm
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So, I was reading on the transit, minding my own business, when some guy asks me about my book. Sometimes, this is annoying as hell, but he seemed genuinely interested, so that was all right. Turns out he'd heard about this book on the radio or something. (It was Cannibalism: A Perfectly Natural History by Bill Schutt. I suppose it's the kind of title one would remember.)

Anyway, that was all well and good, and we talked about library books for a while. And then he started going on about his fancy radio, because he's one of those enthusiasts who like to pick up stations from all over the world. So, that was all right.

And then he started talking about how there is a volcano in Yellowstone that is going to explode some day soon and how of course THEN everyone is going to wish that they'd stuck to using short-wave radio.

...Okay, I thought, this guy is a little weird, but whatever.

And THEN he started talking about UFOs and Sasquatch and how there are a ton of cryptids in Pennsylvania because there were a lot of deaths there during the civil war and you gotta watch out for skinwalkers if you go down there, okay. And apparently they discovered aliens in Antarctica. (Dude, are you sure you haven't watched The Thing one too many times?)


I'm rather glad that we hit my stop shortly after that, because I don't know if I would've been able to keep a straight face for much longer.

On the upside, he brought up the subject of some AM radio station that has a show on from 1 in the morning to 5 or so, and they talk about UFOs and alien abduction and all kinds of loony things like that. And the reason it's an upside is because it brought back memories of my gran, who used to listen to that radio show, or one very similar to it, when she couldn't sleep. :') Ah, gran. As far as I know she didn't believe in that stuff, but she liked listening to those weirdos talking about whatever it is they saw when they'd had too much moonshine.

Anyway. That was, um. An interesting experience. AND THIS, my dear friends, is why I never talk to strangers on public transit. They're either drunk, trying to bum a smoke and/or cash off you, or totally bonkers.


Mar. 14th, 2017 07:54 pm
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[personal profile] minutia_r is hosting a Multifandom Poetry Prompt Fest over here. Leave a prompt, write some poetry, have fun! :D I'm definitely going to do some writing for this, ahhh. <3 (Not tonight, though. Work left me exhausted, again.)

☆ The yarn that I ordered arrived, hooray~ Well, that was fast, which is nice. I'll have to really get to work on that scarf, so that I can also do the hat to go with it! In addition to the blue Arroyo, I ordered a skein of Malabrigo Mechita in "Glitter", a lovely bronze-and-gold yarn, to go with the skein that I bought in Victoria last year. I'm thinking I'll do a similar thing with that one - scarf-and-hat combo. Or a cowl and hat. Or something. Fingerless gloves, maybe (even though I love wearing them but hate making them). Some kind of set, at any rate. It's a beautiful shade that will go with almost everything.

☆ It seems like every PokeGo player in Fort Mac has a Blissey, except for me. Okay, okay, that's an exaggeration, but I sure have been seeing a lot of them stuffed into gyms as of late. People probably managed to pick up a Chansey or two during the Valentines event. I'm terribly disappointed that I never even saw one at all. It's so good that we're going to be getting nice weather soon, because I really want to start walking outside again, and hopefully hatch one. It was above zero today (!) so hopefully that time will come soon. Upside, I hatched a Scyther today - my second one ever! Nice.

☆ SO many mixed feelings about my writing as of late. I have three fully-written drafts in my wip folder, but no desire to work on them whatsoever. And ditto for most of my in-progress things. It's probably just that I'm still coming off from that cold (coughing every five minutes, how fun) but it's a terribly annoying feeling. Ah, well, I'll beat these stories into submission eventually!

☆ Real life has been making it difficult to keep up with the internet - as mentioned earlier in the entry, work has been leaving me exhausted; in fact, I think I might go in for some overtime on Friday. Hard to say. So, please excuse if I don't reply to your entries and so on. I hope you're all doing well. <3
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Arrrrrgh. I just want to go back to bed.

I hate Mondays. ...And Tuesdays. And Wednesdays. And -

You know what, let's just go with "Any day I have to get up at 5 AM".
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☆ Starting to feel better, FINALLY. I'm still coughing a lot, but by this point it's like, mostly a reflexive thing. Urghhwarblglarbl.

☆ I gave up on the Curiosity scarf that I had in-progress, and unravelled it, and started over. This one SHOULD be possible to do in one skein of Arroyo, but I wasn't managing it. I jumped down two sizes below the recommended needles and... it looks like now I'm able to work the recommended gauge. Lovely. xD Ahhh I'm still not used to actually paying attention to gauge... but if I want to do this scarf properly (without running out) then I guess I'm going to have to.

☆ Speaking of which, in a fit of craziness I ordered more Malabrigo Arroyo in the same dark blue, and I think I'll try making this hat to go with it. I like the bit in the description that says you can spend a lot of it just comfort knitting - that sounds reassuringly relaxing. :) Soooo hopefully when I start that one (whenever it'll be) that will go well.

☆ Kiraly drew an adorable Jonna/Riikka picture for me, which is posted over here. I can hardly wait for her to mail me the original, eee. <3 I realized today that I've only written two stories with them, which is a travesty and I must remedy this ASAP. xD

☆ A random fic rec: As Long As You Like by Kiraly. Author's summary is: A week after their first encounter on the ferry, Michael and Signe meet again. Some things have changed. Some things haven't. Goooo read it, it's a lovely fic with this pair - very true to character, and basically the continuation of their story to a part that I wish we'd been able to see. ...Yes, I'm only just now getting around to reading stuff from Chocolate Box. ;p
*I think that it's possible to enjoy this one even if you aren't familiar with Stand Still Stay Silent - all you need to know is that there was an illness spreading rapidly through Europe (and the rest of the world), and that these two met on a ferry that was bound for Bornholm, and they weren't able to return to the mainland because Denmark closed its borders.

☆ Noms start March 15th for [community profile] nightonficmountain if anyone's interested. Schedule is here. This is a small/rare/inactive fandoms exchange - always nice to see those. Unsure if I'll sign up for this one, but I'll be keeping my eye out for people to potentially treat.


Mar. 9th, 2017 09:44 pm
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Okay, so:

-I'm still sick
-There is a Weather Warning up for extreme cold
-I'm bored out of my mind because I can't do anything

What I'm saying is, I need to make like a bear and hibernate until, like, mid-April.
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The effect of my cold is that it's hard to concentrate on reading, soooo I haven't done much of that, oh well.

Currently reading: The Cyclist Who Went Out in the Cold: Adventures Along the Iron Curtain Trail by Tim Moore. The author's writing style is entertaining, but I keep getting gobsmacked by how utterly stupid some of his decisions are. Or rather, the sum of the beginning of his trip, in general, was one horrible decision and I am very surprised that he didn't die or (as far as I can tell - not through the first half yet) lose some digits to frostbite. You see, he began his journey at the northern end of the Iron Curtain Trail - that is, starting at the Norway/Russia border, then cutting through northeastern Finland before entering Russia. And he did this in March. ...Biking in the Arctic in March is a monumentally stupid idea because that's effectively STILL WINTER. And he did this extreme cycling not on a bike equipped for extreme weather, but on an East German shopping bicycle. And of course this is someone who had never done any kind of ice biking before. ...So, what I'm saying is, even though he has a very funny writing style, I keep getting tripped up by how utterly foolhardy his decision was (he didn't have to start in the north! He could have started from Bulgaria! But nooo). It makes the book a little bit tricky to get through. Thank god the locals showed him a lot of kindness, because otherwise he would have died.

Reading Next: I have no idea. It might be a while before I can get to the library. I might need to resort to (gasp) reading one of the books that I already have, horror of horrors. ...Actually, you know, I've been kind of in the mood to re-read Lord of the Rings, so maybe I'll tackle that. We'll see. In actual fact, it won't exactly be a re-read, because I never did read the entire trilogy - I got bored at the beginning of Return of the King and never finished it. But I was pretty young at the time, and my tastes (and attention span) have changed a lot, so... we'll see.


Mar. 6th, 2017 06:05 pm
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I normally don't post knitting wips, but this time I figured, eh, why not. Since I've been doing a lot of it lately. ^^

First the G'Day boomerang scarf that I mentioned finishing previously. This one's still unblocked - I'm going to hold off on that until I'm feeling better.

Photo under the cut )

I decided not to try to get the entire thing in the picture - my bedroom is not great for photographs - but at least you can see the nice colour variation in the yarn, and the texture detailing in the pattern. ^^ I really, really like this pattern a lot, it's so easy to memorize, so I can just turn my brain off while I do it. The yarn is Midnight Orchid by Kaleidoscope Dyeworks (they seem to be on hiatus for now? unfortunately) and I'm really glad that I picked this and a few other shades up... it's really nice to work with.

And second is the Curiosity scarf, which I've had to restart several different times because I kept losing my place in the pattern. Fffu. I'm not finished this one yet, but I'm certainly closer to it than I was before....

Photo under cut )

Again, not the whole thing, just enough to see the detailings in the pattern... This one is a really interesting shape - it's basically one looooong triangle - and fully reversible. I like the way it looks, though I don't know how it will be to wear it, haa. It's done in Malabrigo Arroyo, can't remember the name of the shade, and I really like working with this yarn a lot. The only downside is that I've been trying out some new needles wit this one, some circular Karbonz, and... they're super fancy but I must say I'm not a fan. They're too slippery for my liking.

Not sure what I'll do after I finish this one. :V Another project, of course (I have so much yarn) but the question is what.


Mar. 3rd, 2017 06:49 pm
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Iiii still am not feeling well, which means I'm kind of braindead, which means that nothing useful is getting accomplished this weekend, I think.

...Except maybe knitting. I finished one scarf project - and will hopefully post some photos in a few days. It's one of these; I've done one before, in acrylic (this was when I was evacuated and living in my uncle's RV for I can't remember how many weeks) but I liked it so much that I decided to make another. Going to have to block it, though... I've actually never blocked anything before, so this will be interesting. :T With this pattern it's unavoidable, because it rolls up at the edges, which is tolerable in the acrylic version I guess, but it'll look so much better when it's blocked as intended.

There's also this other in-progress scarf that's been sitting around for ages (this pattern) and I'm going to finish it, I swear. That's what happens when I start projects that are not easy to memorize; if I can't do them without looking at instructions, they tend to sit around for like, a year.

Nothing else to say, sooo here, have some tunes:

You Got to Run (Spirit of the Wind) - Buffy Sainte-Marie and Tanya Tegaq. Oh my GOSH, I love this collaboration. I'm not familiar with Tanya Tegaq's work, but this is making me want to check it out. *_* This song is INTENSE.

Iqanajarumanngittunga by The Jerry Cans. I'll do a review of the whole Inuusiq album eventually (probably), because I really love it. Anyway, check this one out if alt-country sung in Inuktitut sounds appealing to you. This one's a bouncy, cheery, upbeat tune.

Sluhove by Poli Genova & Grafa. I was poking around to see if Poli had been doing anything musically, as I liked her 2016 Eurovision song so much. I have no idea what the heck's going on with the aesthetic in this video (dramatic posing with windmills...?) but I kind of dig it. xD Ah, whatever, I just love her voice.
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Eugh, I've come down with an awful cold, and probably won't go in to work tomorrow. Lovely. Oh well, anyway -

Finished reading: A Taste of Honey by Kai Ashante Wilson. I picked this one up because of its pretty cover*; didn't even bother to read the back. It wasn't until I got home and started reading it that I realized it is gay romance against a fantasy backdrop. A pleasant surprise, let me tell you. :D As for the novel itself, it's delivered in non-chronological snips of moments over a long period of time, and at first I assumed it was just an atypical stylistic choice, but there's a reason for it beyond that. (I wonder if a more attentive reader would have caught on... I certainly didn't.) Good news - this is not a doomed lovers scenario, and it has a happy ending. But I won't go into detail about it. ;) I like the world that was built up here, and I'd like to read more with it, I think.

Currently reading: True Arab Love by Issa J Boullata. This one is a collection of short stories primarily (though not entirely) focused on Arab people making a new life as immigrants in Canada and the USA. Mixed feelings about this one so far - I keep getting the feeling that I should be analyzing these; a lot of the stories have the same "feel" to them as a lot of stuff that I've read for English class. Which isn't a bad thing, necessarily, but it's not exactly what I expected.

Reading next: The Cyclist Who Went Out in the Cold: Adventures Along the Iron Curtain Trail by Tim moore. Basically, it's a travel narrative about a guy who bicycled from the Norway-Russia border down to Bulgaria. It sounds like it could be really interesting, though I'm unsure whether it'll live up to the coolness of the concept. I find that a lot of writing about EE/CE countries from people outside of the area tends to carry a lot of baggage, to say the least. But! Who knows. Maybe it'll surprise me.
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Recently I've been listening to an audiobook of Stephen King's Firestarter, and it reminded me of how much I used to love stories of psychic and parapsychological phenomena. Yes please, give me alllll the telepathy and pyrokinesis and telekinesis and clairvoyance and that sort of stuff. *_* This book hits me just as well as it did the first time I read it, ages and ages ago. (Though actually, I can't remember which bit of fiction it was that got me interested in psychic powers first. Was it Stephen King's novels - both Firestarter and The Dead Zone? Or did I watch Weiss Kreuz first? Or is it just that R-- introduced me to the idea? Oh, well.)

Anyway, it's been a nice little walk down a road that I used to enjoy very much. For a while there, I kind of cut off my taste for that thing in fiction (along with many other things) due to associating it with someone that I'm not involved with any more. But, some time has passed, so... maybe it wouldn't hurt to explore that subgenre again.

Now that I think of it - if any of you have suggestions for books/movies/etc featuring psychic powers, I'd love to hear about them. Psychic, rather than magical, to be clear. In particular I like it best when these powers have to be kept hidden. My frame of reference is, like I mentioned, mainly Stephen King's novels and the Weiss Kreuz anime. And allll the trashy parapsychology books I used to check out of the library in the early '00s... but let's ignore that. ;p

And all this reminds me of the first version of Yuriy's character, which was very different from what it is now.

A little more about that )
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